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How to start answer writing 

hey pranay ,
Its very simple dude , hope had studied all the resources that required, answer writing is all about the skill(presenting, structuring, bringing the essence where ever required etc ) , If u have good skill in answering, then really u don't need answer writing practice , if U  need to gain lot of content read the relevant sources,that's enough , for practice purpose u can use answer writing but don't depend fully on it , if u have good skill.
Do this before start to writing ur answer , just read and analyze the others answers by urself how others are writing the answers, try to find their mistakes "LEARN FROM OTHERS MISTAKES" , get a framework on ur mind , then start ur answering , it will give good strength with answer writing. hope u understand my points , just link what I said.

all the best ,stay positive, MEET U IN LBSNAA

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