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I am in the middle of my preparation for upsc 2021. 
      Can anyone suggest me that I should take a mains test series before prelims or can I go with solving only previous year questions. 

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Thank you brother for helping me... 😊

As I already said, you're afraid of failing in the test series. But I want to make you clear. Don't try to be perfect, because you could never be. You can just go on improving yourself. And that's what a test series will help you with. 

As you said, few subjects are left. But that's totally fine. A test series will involve a schedule of each and every test, topics to be covered in each test, and the recommended sources. Then you just have to follow that schedule. And appear in the test on the specified date. 

Then comes the important part. Even if you didn't prepared, or under prepared or whatever, whatever you're lacking the mentors you'll help you to rectify those drawbacks. Tha will help you to rise with a blast. To rectify your mistakes. To learn what to do, and most importantly what not do. All these you'll learn in the test series. 

Knowledge is of no use, unless its applied on something. 

So whatever knowledge you're acquiring its important that you apply it, so that you'll know what's important and what not. 

Any subjects you're left with under preparation, the mentors will help with suggesting, which topics you're lagging, which topics you need to prepare and how. They will provide you with materials those are **** useful for your exams. 

These are few things which you could never have out of practicing previous year question. Don't fear of failure. Securing lesser marks in test series. Go ahead. Face your mistakes, and then fix them immediately, so that you won't left with any mistakes to commit in the tests itself. 

If you haven't read a topic fully, don't mind, appear for the test. Even if you half prepared, that's enough. You'll make it.

As I said. Don't try to be perfect. You could never be. Its all about improving our mistakes and not committing the same mistakes again and again. The test series will help you with that. 

Join one, apply your knowledge, confront your mistakes, rectify them, and that's it, you're ready to ace the exam. 

Just remember this. You don't have to be a topper to join any test series. The test series is made for you and me guys to make us a topper. So without thinking anything else, join any one good test series, and who knows, if you're gonna make it to the list.

Thank you for replying me you explain me very well..... But some of the subjects are left..... So can one manage to complete the remaining subjects and do good for test series. 

I am in the middle of my preparation for upsc 2021. 
      Can anyone suggest me that I should take a mains test series before prelims or can I go with solving only previous year questions. 

Hii Shashank. 
I truly believe you must invest your time in test series from now. As you said you're in middle of your preparation. So what are you waiting for. Just go on, subscribe to any test series and apply your knowledge.

As I can see you're wondering that if you're not ready for test series. You see, you don't have to be ready for any test series. The test series will make you ready for your main exam. Thats what its made for. You must join one.

And remaining thing is about previous year question. See, having a look at previous year question is necessary. But solving previous year questions, and relying exclusively on that I don't think is a good idea. Yeah, offcourse its not waste of time, but its not that productive either, as compared to a test series. 

A test series has every elements in it that you would need to ace this exam, whether be its the questions with regards to current affairs, or the mentors those are gonna evaluate your each and every mistakes so that you won't left with any to make in your main exam. 

So without wasting any time further, you must join a test series as soon as possible.

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