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Dear Aspirants,

Seeing the Prelims Result sheet is one of the most exciting and also tough moments for any Serious Aspirant. Because there will be chances that our efforts of the whole year will go in vain even for minor errors or variations in the answer keys of UPSC. If we clear Prelims, we will get a chance to write Mains, the crucial phase of CSE. But if we fail, we will be at square one. We need to start the process once again. Flunking at the first stage of IAS DREAM is the most painful for any aspirant. It would be a tough and testing time in one's life. Everyone will start doubting about us. In fact, we start doubting ourselves, our ability to achieve our Dreams. 

Generally, Topper's Stories is being glorified in the UPSC circle. But, We believe everyone has their own unique stories of perseverance and struggles. A person who fails in prelims by one or two marks or bad performance in paper-2 is no less capable than a Topper. Only a matter of bad luck or a bad day on Prelims must have brought you down. You have every capacity to clear this Exam.

We are giving you an open invitation to express yourself here on this platform. Share your story of perseverance and Struggle. We are ready to listen with empathy and compassion. Let's build a positive and constructive community of serious and sincere aspirants.

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Dear Insights, 
I was scoring 110-114 from various keys. I was borderline in CSAT. This was my 3rd attempt. It was devastating not to see my roll number in the list.

Before this attempt I had decided to cap my limit to 3. I will not reappear for I do not wish to go through this trauma all over again. 

They say that when God closes one door, he opens another. I know that wherever I go from here, I will do well because of the strength and discipline that this journey gave me. 

Thank you for everything @insights. Your daily current affairs, secure initiative and motivation kept me going.For an aspirant who is cut off from the world of social media and routine life,  working day in and day out , your words of encouragement mean everything. Especially Vinay sir. You are a wonderful mentor. I would watch all your videos and follow your posts on telegram. You always inspired me. I have not met you but you made a huge difference in me and my preparation. 

I may be heartbroken and absolutely crushed today but I will get up and move forward. 

Thank you once again, 
A heart broken but determined *ex-aspirant.

Hey dude don't stop ur journey ,even any gates may opened for you ,don't cap urself on attempt ,as many aspirant seeking some extra attempt to get a chance again,u seems to be capable,just sit and do it again ,focus on the process ,as u said any doors may open in between ,but the door which u required will be open for sure AS IAS .


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