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Dear Aspirants,

Seeing the Prelims Result sheet is one of the most exciting and also tough moments for any Serious Aspirant. Because there will be chances that our efforts of the whole year will go in vain even for minor errors or variations in the answer keys of UPSC. If we clear Prelims, we will get a chance to write Mains, the crucial phase of CSE. But if we fail, we will be at square one. We need to start the process once again. Flunking at the first stage of IAS DREAM is the most painful for any aspirant. It would be a tough and testing time in one's life. Everyone will start doubting about us. In fact, we start doubting ourselves, our ability to achieve our Dreams. 

Generally, Topper's Stories is being glorified in the UPSC circle. But, We believe everyone has their own unique stories of perseverance and struggles. A person who fails in prelims by one or two marks or bad performance in paper-2 is no less capable than a Topper. Only a matter of bad luck or a bad day on Prelims must have brought you down. You have every capacity to clear this Exam.

We are giving you an open invitation to express yourself here on this platform. Share your story of perseverance and Struggle. We are ready to listen with empathy and compassion. Let's build a positive and constructive community of serious and sincere aspirants.

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Hi. hope you're good. As we know, the exam has a herculean syllabus and its a three staged exam. We need to figure out previous mistakes in strategy, stop accumulating books, rework on schedule ( which has to be flexible and not rigid otherwise it wont last for long. Dynamic schedules respond to changes happening around us as and when necessitated and also save us from procrastination. )  kindly analyse 2-3 previous year papers ( once a month or two ) to keep prep aligned and avoid random reading. Staying healthy will accelerate learning. Proper sleep of 7-8 hours is also important. 6 days study hard, 7th day rest for mind to get replenished coz too much studies will impact prep in later weeks ( avoid overburdening ).  

Setting targets of completing xyz content in 2 hours, half day, 3 days etc and devoting yourself towards your commitments will be beneficial. There are 500 prep sites but sticking to Insights is enough ( check their new daily schedule on site which will help you immensely in prep. ) Revisions are very very helpful. Finishing standard books in no ways guarantees clearing the exam as we have seen the prelims of 2019 and 2020 where its a wild gamble through the mcq's. Hence i would suggest practicing atleast 30-50 mcq's per day so by the time we appear for the exam, our mind gets so well trained in attempting questions through practice and  elimination-technique that we don't have to raise the stakes on guess work. we may also start writing answers ( 2-3 ) daily on Insights secure + peer review is quintessential because we learn more through reviewing answers. Prelims is just the entry ticket to Mains and merit depends on Mains hence even if we do clear prelims, we would not want to be in a confused state during the 3 months prior to Mains. If consistency and discipline are broken, the world has not ended. It is alright coz we are humans but learn from that as well but this should not translate into casual/lackadaisical approach and negligence. If we fall 10 times, lets stand up again for the 11th time. Every hour spent with sincerity will fructify the greater goals. It is not about how many hours we spent, rather how well we study ( e.g - i study polity for a week incessantly and you study environment for 1 hour and eventually in prelims exam, the questions are more based on environment for that given year. another example - i finish ancient and modern history but you read medieval and in that given year more questions are from science and economy. ) isiliye moderation is important too. Any given day we wont be able to wrap everything and recall everything coz our brains have their carrying capacity too. Too much overload and days will sail in procrastination. Hence explore diverse things through daily current affairs, what is happening around us, this will add to cognitive alertness. 

As for parents, they love us and they don't judge us. So kindly don't feel embarrassed about anything ( we don't have to answer to any of the foolish elements in the society who are always in search of opportunities to drag us down. We are giving this exam only for ourselves and we are our own competition. We may also avoid comparing marks and focus on personal growth please. Keep a clean progressive study-focused company. Another suggestion is to get more involved with the Insights community/ aspirants. If we be truthful to ourselves and sustain the good spirit of prep along with being helpful to others, being kind, generous, thankful and compassionate towards others, the universe itself starts conspiring to help us. Jesus bless you. 

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