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Dear Aspirants,
As a part of the "Weekly Insta Open Thread Discussion With InsightsIAS Team" initiative, we are bringing Aditya Sir and Thanmay Sir to the forum discussions with you. The topic of discussion is How to approach Prelims: Strategy. This is part-2 of 2 part series. You can put all your doubts to the Team. They are happy to help you. We request you to utilize this opportunity to the best. 

They will be available between 19:30 to 21:30 hrs on 23/01/2021.

We heartily welcome Aditya Sir and Thanmay Sir to the Discussions.

Team InsightsIAS

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Good evening sir. 

I have the following major doubts regarding the upcoming time.

1. I am a student of InstaClasses batch 2 and currently I personally am at the lowest level of my preparation, as I feel. A LOT of syllabus still needs to be covered and multiple revisions seem a distant dream now.
2. I am trying to stick to the class schedule and putting my best foot forward, but still that’s grossly inadequate. 
3. Whatever and however much I try daily, I am not able to manage my time like I ideally should be, due to certain issues at my home and my time management problems. How do I get past all that sir? 
4. I am not a pro at answering questions and lack intense revisions and therefore feel that I should start attempting PT mocks from Insights. But that takes a whole lot of time and I am not able to juggle between covering classes and giving mock. I am not a newbie in the preparation and therefore I feel I should start now. But I’m caught between yes or no. How should I proceed sir?
5. My optional is geography and it too is hanging on my head. 

Sir, I am trying to do a lot of things but I also understand I shouldn’t be putting my feet in numerous boats. What and how should I proceed from here, given the fact I really wish to qualify in this very attempt and I have limited study hours of max 9 hours. 

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