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Dear Aspirants,

As you know, We are starting a new initiative called INSTA OPEN THREAD DISCUSSIONS. In our First Episode, we are happy to have Vinay Sir with us to discuss Live with you on various topics related to UPSC Preparation.  Let us Welcome Vinay Sir on board. We hope you utilise this opportunity well. 

Team InsightsIAS

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Good evening Sir,

Thanks a lot for this opportunity.
I took prelims this year and was my third attempt.
Acc to me , my preparation was good. I was getting satisfactory scores at tests too.. in full syllabus tests I usually got 105+.

As you used to say about practicing a lot of questions everyday..I did that too. 

And practiced mocks in exam like situation ..adjusting the bio clock according to examtime.
But couldn't perform in exam.
Was doing with practiced speed of mocks..yet faced time crunch and panicked.
Could neither complete paper acc to preparation nor perform well.
In a demotivated state..what to do now?
Despite my all possible efforts...couldn't perform in exam.
What to correct in preparation strategy? 
And a question..what's the surety of this not happening again?

Dear Siya,

Sorry to know about your incident. We have seen many such cases where aspirants prepare for the whole year, attempt all the Tests, revise all the materials but end up with having bad 2 hours. It ruins their whole year and they have to start afresh all again. We have talked about this on our Insta Rev Plan n many other motivation posts many time.

The reason for high anxiety could be:

a) Having High Expectation and attachment over the results. Nurturing of Attitude "I should Clear this time, Come what may" will provide motivation but also creates stress on us. We start hankering for the results more n more. Best Approach is to work without attachment. Focus more on doing Hardwork rather than results. Once you enjoy the work, results will follow you.

b) This year, you start giving the Mock Exams in the Offline Mode. Best approach is simply filling the form and attending the Government exams in the real exam conditions. Try IBPS, EPFO or whatever govt exams, go attend the exam and simply feel the vibes of Sarkari exams. You will start seeing the change in you.

c) Try to think the beautiful world even if you dont clear the exam. We are scared to visualise what if we fail. The fear of failure is dangerous if it crosses the optimal level.

Your fear is a psychological one. You have done lot of Hardwork. That is enough to clear you this exam. But with proper guidance, you can win this exam. Have faith and Conquer the Fear. 

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