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Dear Aspirants,

As you know, We are starting a new initiative called INSTA OPEN THREAD DISCUSSIONS. In our First Episode, we are happy to have Vinay Sir with us to discuss Live with you on various topics related to UPSC Preparation.  Let us Welcome Vinay Sir on board. We hope you utilise this opportunity well. 

Team InsightsIAS

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Dear Pushpa,

Appreciations for your Ambitions and Perseverance. Life and its situations are not fair to everyone. Some aspirants' family, well-wishers, friends, culture and financial conditions are so favourable that they clear this exam within 2 to 3 years. But not all aspirants are lucky. They have to pass through many hurdles, fight many setbacks and Preparation itself a great phase of their Life.

It is good to know that things are falling in line in your Life. It's a good sign of your success. But don't expect yourself that you would be able to work like a clock suddenly and meet the demands of the Test Series. We are an accumulation of old habits. It takes time and efforts to break the old pattern and start a new Self. Missing the targets of Test Series is very natural. Accept it. 

Secondly, try to make some realistic targets/ schedules in your everyday's preparation. Whether it is Newspaper reading, Optional prep, or I-CAN video analysis, schedule them in a proper time and try to achieve it everyday. You will have to win yourself bit by bit to win the UPSC.

You have good potential to achieve the rank in this exam. But you need to reduce the distractions, you need to evolve out of the negative emotions created from the surroundings, and make your problems as opportunities to become more stronger everyday. 

Use the available time and resources judiciously.  Because, UPSC is one such game everyone has the fair chance to win, no matter what background or how rich they are. 

Best Wishes

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