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Dear Aspirants,

These days, CSE Prelims is becoming hyper-competitive. Even the experienced candidates are failing to clear it year after year efforts. But there are some freshers who are clearing in the first attempt only. CSP is not only a test of the range of information but also about your ability to connect to the dots, to identify the scoring areas and to develop some MCQ skills. Once you master the Objective type exams, you don't have to put more efforts into the successive attempts or to crack any other exams. Hence, try to approach the Prelims strategically. Read the Toppers articles. Discuss with your mentors. Put the efforts consistently.

To help you sharpen your Prelims preparation, we are bringing INSTA OPEN THREAD DISCUSSION  with Kiran Pratoj Sir. He consistently scored Top marks in the Prelims and he has been mentoring aspirants in the InsightsIAS to help them clear the Prelims with a comfortable margin. We request you to use this opportunity to clear any of your doubts related to preparation.

Time: 19:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs

P.S: Due to the Credential issue, Kiran Sir will use the Admin User Id only. 

Wish you all the best.
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I still didn't started the medieval history..
Also not started revision for few subjects..
Rest of the syllabus will be completed by April end...
I'm thinking of revising the completed subjects instead of starting medieval history
Should I start reading medieval or proceed with revision by ignoring medieval history?

Hi Leela,

Medieval history is such a lengthy portion, you can not complete within few days or weeks. It is vast. And the Qns being asked are mostly factual. and if you observe the trend, most Qns are interlinked to A n C only. So what I Suggest is try to find some Med History gist/ summary notes. Finish it within 2 days. Learn only to get the flow of kingdoms and imp features. Atleast you should be in a position to do intelligent guessing. And leave the Factual Qns from that part. But, try to solve the PYQs of Med History. Read the solution in detail. You will come to know the imp areas.

Try to focus more on high yielding areas such as Polity, economy and Envi.


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