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To discuss Philosophy optional for CSE 2020&2021

If anyone is interested, to prepare for philosophy optional, we can do daily answer writing chosing one topic a day. I am willing to add a topic and its questions everyday and at the end of the day we can cross check answers and discuss the topic

PS  for prep, free notes are avaiable on

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Defence of Common sense 

  • Moore believe that skeptics and idealist unnecessarily complicate philosophy. According to him, if they are believed, normal life would become impossible. Hence he defend common sense beliefs
  • Moore don’t define common sense
  • Moore don’t believe that all beliefs accepted by people are always true but those being accepted by adult of average intelligence. Examples - 
  • I know that at present, there exists a living body which is my body
  • I have different experience regarding myself and other objects and so do other human beings
  • Material object exist, the earth exist
  • He provide 6 arguments
  • Universal acceptance widely accepted by all adults so cannot be denied
  • Compulsive acceptance - denying them will make life impossible
  • Argument from sense experience - sense experience proves the existence of outer world, while sometimes they deceive us, it is resolved and clarified by them
  • Argument from dream- dreams are only possible if we have real experience. Hence we can’t explain dreaming unless we wake up
  • Argument from strong conviction - we have strong belief regarding common sense beliefs
  • To avoid inconsistent of logical and pragmatic nature, we must accept common sense belief. Eg ‘we cannot accept another’s mind’ — acceptance of ’we’, ’space and time are not real’ however we act according to them


  • The defence would have been complete if he defined common sense belief systematically
  • He himself contends that beliefs like ‘god exist’ or ’sun is smaller than earth’ while believed by many cannot be accepted
  • His arguments are generic and not philosophically satisfactory
  • Convictions on compulsive acceptance are psychological criteria and not logical one

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