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Hi friends, I am preparing PSIR optional for 2021. I have collected material and studying it syllabus wise. I want to have group of few people where we can track our study and answer writing.
Plan is we all have resources ready with us(From wherever it may be) and update what topic are we reading. So that we all can track completion of syllabus. Once some portion have completed, we will do answer writing in any platform or from previous year question and review each other, that would be beneficial. 
Note: In this group there would be no supply of material or video or lectures for PSIR (we can help and guide each other).

If any body is interested pls. ping me.

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Hii there..!!

I'm purely novice in PSIR optional. As I come from science background. But I don't think it would cause any issue. I choose it because I love the subject. Also the current affairs related to it. 

Though I've notes of Subhra Ranjan mam, purchased online. But I didn't read it except just few pages in the beginning. That's why I said, I'm purely novice in PSIR. 

2021 would be my first attempt. I don't know about you. But yeah..a peer in this alein field would help me a lot, no doubt. 

You see, if I can make myself useful for you in anyway. 

You can even contact me if you want to via .

Till then. Good luck for your preparations ahead.

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