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Hi fellow Aspirants & Future officers,this thread is for sharing materials,Strategy,queries/doubtsAnswer writings &peer review ,and Discussions regarding Public Administration as an optional subject. Feel free to share! All the Best!!

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I got 242 marks in pub adm in mains 2017; 293 marks in pub adm in mains 2018; And now, i 2019 mains, I have got just 202 marks.
I know that the general trend is towards lower marks. But 202 from 293? Can anybody explain what could have gone wrong? Coz Even the low marks trend shd have landed me in the 250-260 category..

I was well prepared..wrote well.. expected to score 300+..yet still here i am..

Please guide..

in 2019 CSM everyone got less marks in optional, your score is good dont you worry.

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