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Hi fellow Aspirants & Future officers,this thread is for sharing materials,Strategy,queries/doubtsAnswer writings &peer review ,and Discussions regarding Public Administration as an optional subject. Feel free to share! All the Best!!

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Need some suggestion, I am sure that I will make it in next year's prelim.
Can you suggest me how should I go about DAILY answer writing of PubAd? DAILY or WEEKLY?
I didn't wrote main. I do collect examples from newspaper readings & link it to syllabus.
Is any link/website for Indian Administration dynamic apart from NITI AYOG's website? can you suggest me some?

Hey Bobby hope u are doing good.
Well u can write answers on daily basis or three to four answers in a week .

The main thing here is u need to be very strong in ur content ,else merely not knowing anything and writing answers won't help u.
See for answer writing the main thing required is skill(how to present , structuring , understand the right demand of question).
If u have a good skill in answering the question ,but weak in content,then u really don't need to write the answers on daily basis instead develop ur content (knowledge on subject) just sit and study .
If u Don't have skill as well as content ,study well first then start to write answers ,while answering keep in mind about the skill I told .

To improve ur skill u need to practice more answers,hope this help u.

For Indian administration static part just follow Arora and goyal .for dynamic part just follow the pavan telegram channel ,they usually post the dynamic part linked with subjects on daily basis else u can join Gupta pubad from vajiram telegram channel for daily news related to it.

See for studying just seperate the question topic wise and then analyse and study ,u can find the compilation with LA excellence IAS which is good.

If u have any doubts,do let me know.
HAPPY learning.
Meet u in lbsnaa

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