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Why do some students consistently fail to clear prelims and some do it without extra ordinary effort

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Hi dear puspha,
Hope u are doing good and fine.
Don't call me sir ,call me vinoth .
If u didn't clear prelims of last attempts ,it doesn't mean that u are not a serious aspirants ,instead I really salute and wishes to ur perseverance attitude ,for sure u will crack the exam with this kind of mind,for sure ur life on preparation for upscĀ  will be inspiring others,no doubt.
I will mentor u don't worry.
Now coming to ur preparation part ,really u have good amount of time for ur preparation apart from ur working hrs as u mentioned .
Spend atleast 5 to 6 hrs per day for ur preparation that's enough,Take sunday rest totally ,ur body needs some true rest to prepare urself for following week.
If u need to prepare urself for optionals, use from now on till jan to finish optionals and on month of feb do ethics along with other mains subjects like world his,IR,security issues etc till march half.
From march 16 onwards concentrate urself completely on prelims dear u would have around 100 days to get well prepared that's enough .
Now for this year prelims u would have done one year CA , don't leave that now ,u have to revise that too while doing ur optionals ,just revise them again ,as revision wont take much time ,as u are a teacher u may utilize ur free class time for revision apart from the regular study time which i told.
For daily CA spend one hour,do INSIGHTS DAILY CA ,along with solve CA quiz that's enough .

Really its possible u can do it ,if u have any query ask me dear ,happy to help u.

Stay positive ,meet u in LBSNAA

Vinoth kumar.m

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