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Why do some students consistently fail to clear prelims and some do it without extra ordinary effort

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Hi dear ,
I stucked here ,so only can't able to reply u on time.
Yes if u are going with Kannada literature it's good if u find all the favourable way in it, also regarding joining coaching classes its up to u coz ,u only know whether u can study it or else u need to coaching to attain.
Regarding approach for Gs and optional ,do this it will work .
Just do the past one year of insights secure and STD sources for separate subjects ,do paper wise , subject wise ,topic wise seperation .
Take atleast 10 years of PYQ of mains arrange them according to topic wise and subject wise in ur syllabus ,then start to study .
Now read the pYQ of that topic very with thorough understanding ,just analyse how question evolve ,get the mind of examiner and his demand ,then start to do that topic after doing that start to write the test .
Note: u should not study for pYQ question  ,but should study everything in that topic,PYQ are like giving u the framework that's it .

Follow this approach for optional as well initially .will let u know after that wat to do.
From this process u can find the major improvement gradually.

If u have doubts do let me know.

Happy learning ,stay positive.
Meet u in LBSNAA.


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