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Why do some students consistently fail to clear prelims and some do it without extra ordinary effort

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hi Vinod.

Yes preparation is going on but I'm slow learner. I started with mains PYQ and with syllabus. I have to do test series as well(Insights textbook test series), where I have lot of portions to complete. And optional is also pending. I just read one book in my optional subject. Feeling scared whether I will be able to complete by march month? and Will I be able to attend 2021 prelims. From 2days I started to follow STHIR 2021 free Initiative.  Looks and sounds very easy. But really difficult. I'm pushing my self to give my best despite of my teaching work. I have not started essay and ethics paper. Can you please help me how to go about it. I read many toppers answer scripts. Really I'm worried whether I will be able to reach that level. I'm not good at answer writing and lack content when it comes to essay especially. I'm getting scared as the months are passing.

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