Dear All,
        Today I would like to share something about FINDING OUT OUR TRUE PURPOSE IN THIS LIFE.
       Most people in the universe feels that they don't have any purpose in their life,but it's not true. Everyone of us in the mother Earth has a purpose to serve.We all tell ourselves most of the time that we have to find our true purpose but do we ever realise that it is not hidden anywhere??
      Our true purpose wants us to act in the present more with focus and conscious. And we all have to realise that our purpose doesn't come by earning more money, becoming fame or rich, scoring high marks whatever,it doesn't come through our brain,it happens with our heart,with our intitution and that will happen when we live on the present!.
         Live the present moment with your best,that will take you to the next best level!
And eventually will lead you to your TRUE purpose in life.But don't keep things rushing or making stress,your best ability will take you there.
       Everyone are unique and everyone have different purpose to serve,for me it is to serve the humanity with compassion and empathy and for this if I know the reason why I have to do this ?then my purpose will be fulfilled by me definitely.Sometimes in life we feel that we have no one to empathise with us in pain,and some people among us decide that no one should be let out in such situations and they can empathise with people, that may be their true purpose.
      And the reason why you have to do this, will make you greater and discover you even more ,than you know about yourself! 
  Don't search for your purpose losing the present moment,it will come to you if you work on the present.Your purpose and why you have to do might have nothing to do with each other,it may be different for everyone.
         If your purpose is meaningful and the reason for it is strong ,then nothing would stop you from doing it!!
   There is a famous quote that says,He who has a why to live for,can bear almost any how!
         Your purpose will find you,if you work now!
Best Wishes,

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