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Hey Aspirants.....

Let's Grow Together

I'm a UPSC candidate. I regularly live stream for 8 hours on my YouTube channel "UPSC LIVE STUDY". This is an excellent group study strategy, and I wish to welcome all UPSC candidates to join me on this delightful journey ( study with me live sessions ). Without interruptions, we might study here for several hours at a time. I'm sure I'll learn some useful study skills from all of you.

We will share and debate the weekly goals that were met or missed on Sunday. 
Additionally, how can we make improvements.

At least once give it a try. Best of Luck,
For any further queries, mail me at
Time Table
Slot 1: 8.00 AM - 9 AM
Slot 2: 9.10AM - 10.20AM
Slot 3: 10.30AM-11.30 AM
Break 30 minutes
Slot 4: 12.00PM- 1.00 PM
Slot 5: 1.10PM-2.20 PM
Slot 6: 2.30PM-3.30 PM
Break 30 minutes
Slot7: 4.00 PM -5.00 PM
Slot 8: 5.10PM – 6.10 PM
Target = 8 hours

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