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Dear Aspirants,
As a part of the "Weekly Open Thread Discussion With InsightsIAS Team" initiative, we are bringing Sudeep sir to the forum discussions with you. He will address your queries related to Geography and Mains Preparation. We request you to utilize this opportunity to the best. 

We heartily welcome Sudeep sir to the Discussions.

Team InsightsIAS

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Initially its ok to take more time. 

Make paper completion an Habit. Then try reducing the time slowly i.e 2 weeks it takes 4 hrs; next 2 weeks it takes 3 hrs 50 mins; next 2 weeks it takes 3 hrs 45 mins. Like that.

Dont get overambitious. It'll make you only more frustrated. Just keep making small improvements. You'll reduce time as you keep maturing in your answer writing and that can come only with a lot of practice.

Keep believing and Keep writing :)

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