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Dear Aspirants,
As a part of the "Weekly Open Thread Discussion With InsightsIAS Team" initiative, we are bringing Sudeep sir to the forum discussions with you. He will address your queries related to Geography and Mains Preparation. We request you to utilize this opportunity to the best. 

We heartily welcome Sudeep sir to the Discussions.

Team InsightsIAS

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Hi sir,
I am having trouble understanding the concept of jet streams? Can you pls help me with it.
Secondly, how to cover the 'distribution of key natural part resources' of GS-1.
I have given a of time after these topics but I am still not clear about these.

Jetstreams are 1. Geostrpic winds 2. Embedded in the Upper air westerlies 3. Sinuous waves around the globe below the tropopause 4. Between either hadley and ferrel or ferrel and polar. Its hard to explain by typing. There are many simple youtube videos. Check that out. That should give you clarity.

2. Know the following maps: 1. Industrial clusters in all the continents (More or less any specific industry or resource they ask you can use this map itself)  2. Resouces map; Iron ore; Petroleum and natural gas; Coal; Uranium; marine resources. This should suffice. Other resources more or less overlaps with this.

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