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Dear Aspirants,

UPSC Mains GS2 paper has very good potential to score high marks. Because the syllabus is defined, standard books are available, Questions will be conventional. But also many aspirants fail to score good marks due to their inability to understand the question demands, poor notes, and many other reasons. Hence, to help you to fine-tune your preparation and clear any subject related doubts, we are organizing the Weekly Open Thread Discussion With InsightsIAS Team. In this Weekly Discussion, Manjunath sir will be available between 19:00 hrs to 21hrs here. Manjunath sir has expertise in Polity, Governance, Social Justice subjects. you can also ask general doubts related to the Mains preparation. We request the aspirant community to best use this opportunity.

Let us heartily welcome the Manjunath sir onboard. 

Team InsightsIAS

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Hi sir good evening,
Sir I'm reading but I'm lacking to understand the demand of the question, how to analyze question properly please guide me sir 

If you are facing problem related to understanding the demand of the question , then it means you should revise your basics well (get more conceptual clarity ) and answer questions every day regularly ( atleast try to put frameworks for the answer ) 

Go through few toppers copies, ut will give you a reference .

Most important things you should keep in mind while answering : 

1) understand demand of the question 

2) identify every sub part and address them separately 

3) substantiate wherever possible with relevant facts examples and reports 

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