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Dear Aspirants,
As a part of the "Weekly Open Thread Discussion With InsightsIAS Team" initiative, we are bringing Sailesh Bhupalam sir to the forum discussions with you. He will address your queries related to GS1-Society, GS3-Economy, and Mains Preparation. We request you to utilize this opportunity to the best. 

We heartily welcome Sailesh sir to the Discussions.

Team InsightsIAS

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Hi Nv1,

1> for this part, keep a bunch of facts ready about the state of Indian economy in 1950, 1991 and 2018. You should be able to use them in most of the arguments that you make with regard to effects. Also keep evaluation of LPG reforms arguments ready. on agriculture, industry and services. if you keeo 5 positive and 5 negative points, it is enough.

2> On the day of mains exam
Get adequate amount of sleep
Check your bench, if it's shaky ask them to change it.
Make sure you have adequate stationary as backup.
Keep a photocopy of your hall ticket in your bag, bike, car etc as redundancy (you need to show it on multiple days, just in case you forget on one of those days)
If your handwriting is not upto the mark, try practicing 15 minutes of writing before the exam starts
Make sure you are comfortable in the exam hall -- because you need to write for 6 hours -- make your arrangements for the same

In economic survey, not much is important now because a lot has changed because of covid. Just check some conceptual aspects with a birds eye view. No need to get into facts and details at this point
All the best!

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