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Dear Aspirants,
As a part of the "Weekly Open Thread Discussion With InsightsIAS Team" initiative, we are bringing Ashish sir to the forum discussions with you. He will address your queries related to important topics of Mains GS3-Paper like Environment Conservation, Pollution, Climate Change, EIA, Extremism(Naxalism, Insurgency, Terrorism, Militancy), Border management challenges and Security, Cyber Security. We request you to utilize this opportunity to the best. 

We heartily welcome Ashish sir to the Discussions.

Team InsightsIAS

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For environment section for upsc prelims 2021 should I focus more on shankar static part of envt. Or should i give more focus on current.  Also do we need to learn all national parks, wildlife sanctuary etc and is there any one compiled source you can suggest for these things ie national parks and associated things?

Dear Prabhat, u should be very  thorough with the basics firstly and simultaneously prepare for current affairs of environment. Yes surely static part question weightage is reducing but we cannot ignore it..as upsc likes to give lot of surprises. Current affairs can be handled and memorized by solving current environment questions. 
Regarding NP, WLS remembering all of them is difficult task. but if u study one region per week , example North East- All Biosphere reserve, National parks, see few important Endangered, Critically Endangered Species and map those on atlas revise it , also u can discuss with your friends then u can remember most of them. Then in next week move to new area like South Indian States, then North India etc. Also compulsorily see past year's  NP, WLS ,Species asked by Upsc from 2013-2020.This way u can compile most of NP in 4 weeks on rough empty maps and atlas.

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