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This is the most expected question one will have to answer on UPSC Interview Board. The presentation of strong reasons to join Civil Services will give you an opportunity to impress the board. It reflects your core personality traits, your values, and your approach to life.  

But more than answering to the board, this question gives a purpose to the Long and arduous Journey of the UPSC Preparation Phase. If we find a proper answer, no external motivation is needed. Reminding of that one answer everyday itself wakes us up from the inertia and indulgences. It is said that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” It is not only about how big you are dreaming but also about how pure/ how incorrupt/ how selfless is your dream. When the fruits of your dreams are to share joy and peace with society, the whole existence will conspire to help you to achieve such visions. 

We strongly believe every UPSC aspirant is a unique one and they must be having their interesting stories. We are curious to know from you. Hence, use this thread to openly express your dreams / your purpose to join the Civil Services. Your story may inspire many others. 

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i saved this answer to my interview and  knew a genuine civil aspirant will be reading my post and will contact me without delay

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